Sustainability has always been at the forefront of our ethos. We have committed to achieving our power from sustainable sources as directly as we can, the 120+ solar panels on our roof stand as a testament to this.

+ We’ve planted over 700 trees +
+ Our spent grain is fed to extensively farmed Mangalitza pigs +
+ Our chickens provide eggs to our local restaurants +
+ Our garden provides vegetables to our local restaurants +
+ We compost a large amount of our waste to put back in our garden +
+ We hope to grow this list as we continue to invest in our Planet +

Solar Panels

These cover the entire brewery roof and have the ability to generate 48kwh of power! It’s great to see the labours of our crowdfunding campaign finally coming to fruition. Solar-powered beer is the future!


November 2022, we have planted 700 trees across two woodlands, both less than a mile away from the Brewery. This is a result of our Reforestation Pale Ale, our carbon-negative beer. It’s an all-English brew, the hops are English and the grains are from Sussex. Each 30L comes with the promise to plant one tree.

All the trees are native species supplied by The Woodland trust to create rich, bio-diverse spaces. The picture shows some of us with volunteers and council members post-planting and ready for a beer in the Taproom!

Biodegradable Plastic Cups

Biodegradable Plastics

In our industry you can't escape plastic cups, so we found some that biodegrade. Used at all of our venues we want to make sure that no turtle is ever harmed by us.