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Imperial Coffee Stout Bottle

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Our project of 13 months has finally come to fruition. Starting off life as a coffee-infused imperial stout collaboration with RoarGill - a pioneer of sustainable coffee.

This then spent 12 months in an oak barrel which was initially a store for sherry - imparting nutty dried fruits flavours into the vessel, then this humble barrel was transported to Scotland to age Single Malt Whiskey.

Our stout’s time in oak has imparted amazing flavours and aromas, it’s super decadent and a real Christmas treat. Enjoy with good company, after a roast, preferably by a fire.

Unfined, Unfiltered, Vegan

ABV: 10%


Source: Imperial Coffee Stout

Imperial Coffee Stout BottleImperial Coffee Stout BottleImperial Coffee Stout Bottle

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